True to You by Becky Wade


Becky Wade pens contemporary Christian romance books that touch the hearts of her readers.  I have loved every single one of her stories.  I learn along with her characters to trust God more in a variety of areas of life and through various situations.

The cover of her newest novel, True to You – the first full-length novel in her Bradford Sister Romance Series – is beautiful.  It sort of brings the past into the present with her family’s gorgeous historical ancestral home.

The Bradford sisters were a joy to get to know.  The fascinating personality of Nora, the heroine, was refreshingly lovely and relatable.  Her interest in genealogy was fun to read about since I am working on my own family history and her love of history was intriguing.  Our hero, John, is a real-life hero although he would deny it.  I loved his commitment to his faith and the morals he demonstrated.

The little town of Merryweather, and its residents are enchanting.  I want to find a spot on a bench in front of the library and enjoy the ambiance.  I am really looking forward to getting to know this town better in future books.

Becky Wade wrote a prequel that is FREE (as of this writing) written in an epistolary style of writing.  This means that the story is told via letters, emails, phone calls, etc.  Then Came You set the stage beautifully for this new series.

Whether you’ve read all of Becky Wade’s books and loved them or this is your first book by her, you will not be disappointed.  Her books are entertaining, humorous, heart-touching and God-honoring.  This one is not an exception.  Enjoy!!

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