Keep Holding On


Keep Holding On is the third full-length novel in the Walker Family Series.  I have adored every book in this series and this one is no exception.  I love the Walkers…all of them. They are a family that you just want to belong to, to hang out with, to have the privilege of knowing.  I know the characters in these books are fictional, honest, but they’ve become my friends nonetheless.  I care about what happens to them and I learn Godly lessons right along with them.  Therefore, it’s always a joy to join Melissa Tagg in Maple Valley to check in with our friends there.

As this story begins, both Beckett and Kit are returning to Maple Valley after years of absence.  The hurt that each of them carries and has to face is great.  Melissa’s characters do not shy away from hard things, so they have to learn throughout the story how to trust God in their own lives and in the lives of their loved ones.

Keep Holding On is full of emotion, from the highs of homecomings and weddings to the lows of disasters and heartbreak.  This book is full of the complexity of relationships…the kind that build you up and the kind that tear you down.  This book is full of healing and learning to trust God in all things.  This book is full of love.

I love that Melissa is obedient to write the stories God gives her.  They are beautiful and touching.  I believe God uses them to them to touch the lives of those who read them.  I know that mine was touched…by the pain and the beauty of life in a fallen world, being loved by a gracious and forgiving God.

If you haven’t read any of the Walker Series yet, you’re truly missing out. Since I always suggest starting from the beginning, download Three Little Words, the FREE prequel novella.  It will give you a great taste of the Walkers in Maple Valley and their town and friends. If you have stopped by Maple Valley before, then let this be your announcement that Beckett and Kit’s book is now available and you want to get it right now.

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