“Unbelief puts …

“Unbelief puts circumstances between us and God; Faith puts God between us and our circumstances.” – Diann Hunt

I follow a blog of Christian authors who are dear friends to one another.  Diann is a member of that blog.  She is also battling ovarian cancer.  Battling is the correct word because from the posts I’ve seen from her friends she is really, really struggling – having more bad days than good.  Even the doctors at a point of saying there’s nothing else they can do.  But we serve an amazing God who is the Great Healer.  I have no idea what His plan is for her, whether He is ready for her to come home to be with Him or if we get to enjoy her more here on earth.  But, in the midst of the diagnosis and pain, this quote shows an amazing understanding of our beliefs and her dependence on Him.  If you think of it, say a prayer for her today please.

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